Domanania - Vioraux Military Treaty (December 14th, 2016 - PPU Days)

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Domanania - Vioraux Military Treaty (December 14th, 2016 - PPU Days)

Post by Victoire Antoinette on Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:08 pm

This Treaty Remains Effective, The Revolution Had No Impact

Noting that the nations of The Pacific Peace Union and Domanania are at war;

Hoping that the nations stated above can come to peace and thus end bloodshed;

Noting how the League, as an international body has come to put an end to this conflict;

Enacts the Following:

Section 1 : Declaration of Peace

a. The nations of The Pacific Peace Union and Domanania agree to rescind their declarations of war, and thus be at peace
b. The nation of Domanania withdraws all military troops from The_Pacific_Peace_Union, and The_Pacific_Peace_Union likewise

Section 2 : Voyageur

a. The nation of Domanania will aid in the restoration of Voyageur, and is permitted to keep military in the city until the League declares it stable
b. The League shall oversee the restoration of Voyageur, which shall be carried out by Domanania

Section 3 : Establishment of Donné

a. The unclaimed land west of both nations shall be established as the two protectorates
b. The land shall be split horizontally into two claims by the boundary between the two nations
c. The southern portion of the land will be annexed by the Pacific Peace Union and will be formally known as Donné
d. The northern portion will be annexed by Domanania and be formally known as D'uns

Section 4 : Military Protection

a. The nation of Domanania agrees to protect The Pacific Peace Union
b. The Pacific Peace Union shall retain full autonomy

Other Provisions

1. This treaty is to be carried out after a majority vote in the League, as well as the signatures of both representatives
2. This treaty may be altered by the two nations that concern it, but in effect shall not be tied to the League
3. Violation of this treaty shall be brought forward to the League and the International Court of Justice
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