The Jewish Deal of 2016 II June 24th 2016

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The Jewish Deal of 2016 II June 24th 2016

Post by Victoire Antoinette on Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:40 pm

The Jewish Deal of 2016 II

The Plutocracy of Vioraux shall repay The Pftalsk Monarchy of Jagellion by executing these actions for the billions of dollars and military Jagellion sent to Vioraux to help win the revolution.

1. All tax money collected from Béaute Square will be sent to Jagellion

2. Versailles Int'l Airport will be renamed Versailles Blattewski Int'l Airport. Named after Lukas Blattewski, The 1st Blattewski Head Royal of Jagellion.

3. The embargo on Jagellion will be lifted.

4. A section of The Revolution Memorial will be dedicated to Jagellion.

5. A twenty foot statue of King Lukas Blattewski will be built at the front of Versailles Int'l Airport.


King Iwyan Blattewski, The Second Blattewski Head Royal

The Dauphine, Victoire Antoinette

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