The Monthly Visit

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The Monthly Visit

Post by Victoire Antoinette on Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:28 pm

"Miss" Victoire's first attendant Jaida stood straight up in the doorway looking down at the black stone floor to make sure she did not accidentally eye Vic.

"Your escort is ready."

Victoire stared at herself in the mirror lightly touching up her highlight which caused her cheek bones to shimmer.

"Madame y-"

Victoire rose her hand in the air, "One, I never said you could repeat yourself, two, I heard you the first time."

Jaida slightly quivered. "I- I am sorry Miss, that was completely out of line."

"The paparazzi has no access to the streets at this time correct?" Victoire turned around and gazed at the top of Jaida's head while she fastened on her last earring.

"Correct Madame, we have blocked off the entire Main Boulevard you should be able to get to Bois d'érable un-noticed."

"Good, go get my heels and put them on my feet."

As Jaida scurried to the shoe closet, Victoire leered out of the bedroom window. A noise brought her attention back to the room, and there was Jaida hurrying over to Vic, shimmery pink high heels in hand.

"I am a good sister right?" Vics tone sounded uneasy

"Yes, Madame an excellent sister, Constantin is lucky to have you."

"Sometimes I doubt myself. No one else knows of his existence besides you and the hospital staff. I feel as if I am confining him to a cage."

"Madame, it is not your fault he is sick."

A tear suddenly streamed down Victoires face, which Jaida was quick to soak up with a tissue.

"Now, now, do not ruin your beautiful makeup. The doctors will make him better in no time."

"It has been ten years if anything he is worse. The drugs do nothing but-" Vic paused as she held back the desire to cry. "All he is, is a numb zombie." She closed her eyes and looked to the side, pushing back her emotions.

Both were silent, but the silence was louder than anything to the two of them. It was the limo's horn which barely made its way into the room that broke the quietness.

"Come on now you cannot be late. You know how Constantin gets if you don't arrive on time."

The pair made their way to the southeastern entrance, the most secluded one in the palace. The driver was waiting by the limousine door.

Victoire gave Jaida a hug, softly she whispered to Vic, comforting her as she did every time the monthly visit rolled around. Jaida had been doing this for Victoire since she was 9, now Vic was 19, and Jaida was 71 but it was the exact same unfolding of events. Victoire got emotional, Jaida comforted her, and when Vic returned she lapsed into a short two-day depression. "Go on now." She smiled as Vic made her way to the limo, slowly, and hesitantly. The driver greeted her cheerfully, as he opened the door he spat out the usual phrase Vic has heard over a million times in her life.

"Good afternoon Madame Antoinette. Where am I taking you this fine day?"

For a moment Victoire stood there half in the car and half out. She was silent. Slowly she focused her eyes on his.

"Bois d'érable, Asylum for the Insane."
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